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We bring you happiness!
Where the balloon bus work, in that direction something big event is made.
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Treb Heining in Budapest!
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We may have shaken a hand with the former balloon vendor
Treb worked as a balloon vendor in Disneyland in 1971. Was walking around in clown fancy dress, in his hand with a big bunch of helium-filled balloon. They may have been his most successful days when a pupil group's students spent the pocket monies at him. Some dollars came… Few balloons - little income, more balloons - more income. Something swept trough Treb mind at this time: many balloons - much income! It would not be necessary to sell the balloons one by one sing, but binding in a big quantity!
The balloon garland, which he prepared first on the world, took shape in this manner. Since getting the first work would have been heavy, since would have been able to relate it simply, what thinks of, visited the local tennis club where he offered it, free decorates the fence. He stretched bound balloons out onto a nylon thread between the columns. From this time was not a stop: who saw it, everybody wanted one like this!
The new ideas came: balloon drop, balloon release. Bigger orders came at the bigger one apart in America. Openings, national days, political campaigns.
The last year's Budapest Balloon decorator meeting (Qualatex Event) it was screened film being about Treb Heining working class, which one the representatives of the trade, between them what, we were watching throughout being amazed. But the meridian of the evening was it when the main character of the film was called for a stage, who till then incognito was sitting between the spectators. We may have met, we may have shaken a hand with the man to who we may say thank you for our work indirect!
ˆ Balloon Art, 2017.
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